Ugochukwu Nwagba (CEO)

Ugochukwu Nwagba is the founder and architect behind the company's product design and foundational site architecture. He is a seasoned computer programmer, graphic designer and program manager who has executed several programming projects right from his school days into the global tech industry. As CEO, Ugo is responsible for leading the company to its set goals.
  Eleanya Kalu Umeh (CMO)

Eleanya is in charge of the company product promotions. He is an adent organizer and marketing professional with passionate insight into the values of NaHere and the need to push these values forward to the users in ways that highlight the company's core product. This role keeps him and his marketing crew thinking.
  Charles Njoku (COO)

Charles handles the company executions and operations. He is in charge of keeping the entire teams on track and on time. NaHere has a set of goals that lie within his monitoring capacity.
  Seun Crowther (CAO)

Seun heads our mobile applications team and ensures the integration of all web based applications into the NaHere mobile app platforms. Seun is an experienced programmer and has led the NaHere team into several mobile projects.
  Emmanuel Okeke (CTO)

Emmanuel, very versatile and smart computer programmer is currently positioned as the company CTO. Emmanuel heads our team of professional programmers and continuously postitions the company at pace with the lastest trends in computing technology.