Inventory Management Software

Perfect Stock Quantity Monitoring

Monitor the in-flow and out-flow of items from your warehouse, with the ability to tell who was responsible for releasing the items, and for what, including a perfect quantity balance history at every point in time in your business. This sofware is as perfect as an inventory management software can be


Issue Order, Purchase Order, Invoice & Receipt Generation

  • Generate issue orders, purchase orders, invoices, receipts for any transactions where applicable
  • Download these orders in various formats
  • Have these orders emailed directly to contacts from portal

Permissions & Access Levels Settings

Enjoy the high level security features embeded in this warehouse management system. Choose sections of the warehouse you would like to have certain users restricted from. Also generate reports on accesses and activities carried out by each user on this software


Don't Miss a Warehouse or Inventory Notification

  • Get Low Quantity Alert for items that are finished or almost finishing in the warehouse
  • Get alerts on items about to expire to enable you avoid loss of goods
  • Get usage and security alerts on activities on the warehouse management software

Inventory Reports

Get all types of important reports you need on your warehouse operations. From transactions by items to transactions by vendors and clients. All summarised in very easy to use graphical representations.


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NaHere Inventory Management System is one of the easiest and feature-packed ERP software in the market. Discover what it can do for your business organization right away.

  • Automate your warehouse activities and get results today
  • Generate accurate inventory balance for optimal results
  • Analyze warehouse operations and find areas to improve
  • Save precious time and invest it where you need it the most