Point-of-Sale Software


NaHere's cloud based POS ensures you have access to your sales information from anywhere in the world. Monitor sales records of your sales reps in the field or in your stores. Also get regular information from across your stores sent to your devices even without being on the POS software.

The NaHere POS cloud feature also ensure you get automatic protection against file loss or computer damage and speedily get latest security updates deployed from the cloud.

Connected & Synchronized Stores

With the NaHere cloud-based POS software, your sales flow, product listing, customer records and sales rep performace are automatically synced across stores and locations in real time, giving your great analytical insight into store performances for better decision making.

Deep Analytics

Get all types of important reports you need on your sales operations. From transactions by items to transactions by vendors and clients. All summarised in very easy to comprehend graphical representations. Gain the transparency you always wanted with NaHere's intelligent business analytics. Use our central dashboard to review sales, customer profiles or overall business performances. Above all, make better decisions with NaHere's cloud-based POS.


  • Generate issue orders, purchase orders, invoices, receipts for any transactions where applicable
  • Download these orders in various formats
  • Have these orders emailed directly to contacts from portal
  • Barcode Scanner Capabilities
  • Mobile Capabilities

Security Permission

Our cloud infrastructure is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS), an ISO 27001 certified company. The AWS data centers are secure with biometrics, 24-hour surveillance and 24/7 onsite staff, providing additional protection against unauthorized entry. Moreover, access to the data center is restricted to data center technicians only. Various user permissions with various access level can also be created and granted on the NaHere POS software, restricting some information to only those who need to see it.





  2 Users
  1 Outlet
  50 Products
 1G Storage
  Barcode Scanner




  6 Users
  3 Outlet
  1,000 Products
 5G Storage
  Barcode Scanner




  30 Users
  10 Outlet
  Unlimited Products
 25G Storage
  Barcode Scanner




  30 Users
  20+ Outlet
  Unlimited Products
 100G Storage
  Barcode Scanner

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